laura dillon rogers is a fine art photographer and fiber artist residing in the mountains of charlottesville va. 

using the awe of capturing self and others' life cycles through the weavings of time, she is able to keep clarity during photoshoots in order to capture moments full of expression with ease. laura uses both film and digital photography to encompass the essence of the moment and add an artistic vision to her images. she has started to focus on using her perspective in branding + product photography for multiple local businesses, and is in the process of re-branding her own photography business to accommodate the interest of other creative small companies. 

when weaving, she primarily explores using silk, wool, cotton and other found objects to create soft wall sculptures. her interests are highly interconnected to her work style – recycling scraps of wool from vintage clothing and silk from a local textile designer, using authentic and ancient weaving techniques, and incorporating nature into every work of art. 


gathering inspiration from daily occurrences, her children, quiet moments, ever-changing landscapes, expressive style, and living in the present, she is able to keep calm attention to detail in all of her work. 

laura’s pieces reflect a relaxed, yet modern proposition and are a unique addition to any art collection.


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p. (434)226-0569