writer, mama, all around incredible lady - yolonda cole-jones - approached me and asked if would like to help with the imagery for her new e-book, she specified wanting multiple exposure photographs with as much expression portrayed as possible. she rocked it to say the least. thank you yolonda, xo.

/wearing willow knows/

/ 35mm film + digital photography /

RAINBOW show re-cap

Tallulah had such a great turnout for her first public art show! Thanks to all who joined and supported! xox, La and Tallulah


i've been super eager to try out some portraits on  120mm film cameras - here is the outcome from a rolleicord trl and a holga, and some expired 35mm film shots from the old trusty minolta - thanks to my lovely friend meredith for being my subject - happy valentines day! xx


a view of a handful of favorites from 2007-2017. 


HAPPY serene positive loving new year!

I'm eager to announce a new series that I have been dreaming up for a quite a while now. 'cleared' is a collection of various still life images that invoke the meditative feel that humans receive during clearing & cleansing practices. 

stay tuned, show to be announced in early 2018 (in the meantime, a few of the first printed posters on sale here.) - xx, la

(first of the series available for bidding at the new city arts and the haven art auction - jan 20)