I cannot express the love I feel for this family - I've been best buds with Jess and Mark for ten years, and have known them even longer. When I got pregnant with my daughter, one of the first people I called was Jess knowing how supportive and knowledgable she'd be(her mama's a midwife.) Turns out a week later I get a call back from her, she was pregnant with her second! It's just impossible to explain how much I needed(but didn't know it!) that best bud to be pregnant with, labor and birth a baby with, and become a new mama with. I can't imagine a more loving, strong & patient mother to raise three boys. Gratitude and love to all of you for allowing me to capture your family right after the perfect home birth, xx

(oh, and photos from the eve before Jess went into labor with Sage, hours before he was born!)

Jess is wearing a willow knows dress in her maternity photos. Charlottesville based midwife Kelly Sicoli at Jess' side during birth. / film + digital photos /

laura rogers