a view of a handful of favorites from 2007-2017. 


HAPPY serene positive loving new year!

I'm eager to announce a new series that I have been dreaming up for a quite a while now. 'cleared' is a collection of various still life images that invoke the meditative feel that humans receive during clearing & cleansing practices. 

stay tuned, show to be announced in early 2018 (in the meantime, a few of the first printed posters on sale here.) - xx, la

(first of the series available for bidding at the new city arts and the haven art auction - jan 20)

memories for c + s

wishing eternal happiness to Candace and Steve on their wedding day. despite the 20 degree weather it was a gorgeous & heartfelt outdoor ceremony. much love! 

film + digital photography / wedding prep at the beautiful Oakhurst Inn in Charlottesville, Va 


Amanda and I connected when we were both pregnant with our sons and became creative soul sista mamas immediately. She's a bad A(her work here!) And her husband, Ryan, is just as radical. 

Anyways, a glimpse into their home and life below, xox.

photo booth

a few fave film snaps that I took during some of the photo booth sessions this holiday season -