RAINBOW petite posters

RAINBOW petite posters


1 HAVE: Red, root, grounded - seashells, copal, mugwort on a slab of rhyolite. 2018.

2 FEEL: Orange, emotion - burning palo santo, purification. 2018.

3 ACT: Yellow, power, vitality, will - smoky quartz points, protects. 2018.

4 LOVE: Green, heart’s purpose - selenite wands, dispels negative energy. 2018.

5 SPEAK: Blue, purify, speak, creativity - quartz and selenite mandala on velvet with candle. 2018.

6 SEE: Indigo, perceive, intuition, imagine - clear quartz point promotes clarity and calmness. 2018.

7 KNOW: Violet, thought, wisdom, knowledge - natural rose quartz chunk, soft, tender, healing and peace. 2018.



Poster paper print #1-10 limited edition, 11 x 16"


Still life photos are inspired by the cosmic energy of the body’s chakra centers - in hope’s to encompass the authentic cleansed + cleared feeling that humans receive during mindful practices. Prints are for use to view in your meditation area, work space, art studio, on a mood board - or anywhere that you need a dose of color inspiration!



(photo of images on wall are not the actual prints, they are just here to show you a better image of the photographs. prints on the cream floor are actual posters!)

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